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IEX is committed to the technical development and service support of digital assets transactions, depository and exchange. As a specification developer in emerging fields, IEX has busy many commercial and individual users in a safe, efficient, and highly open core philosophy. Service teams throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

The core members of the team come from the Internet security and finance sectors and provide globalized Internet financial services.Dedicated to financial innovation, artificial intelligence, data cloud computing technology research and development and business applications. Have a high sense of innovation, new knowledge, new technology receiving ability. The company’s products and services concept is currently a leader in the industry. The team has a good technical ability to achieve, the entire team technical capabilities and financial professional ability is the industry’s top. The team has a good sense of humble self-awareness.

Since 2014, the team has conducted research and commercial application development on the underlying technology of blockchain. Team-led research and development projects have been applied in many different industries and scenarios, such as the joint credit system of e-commerce, digital rights and interests of digital publications and payment, e-vouchers for the supply chain finance applications and so on.

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