Digital Asset Certificate

DAC refers to Digital Assets Certificate, enabling both business & personal financial assets to be securely digitalized and certified.


What is DAC ?


Digital Asset Certificate


The underlying data of digital asset is distributed throughout the web via nodes (as service access) and forensic cloud computing network, which can effectively avoid data tampering, forgery, malicious attacks and other security threats. Technically DAC is a point-to-point credit exchange credential that cannot be duplicated and forged within the network, and practically DAC is clear and convenient to trade in terms of meeting supervision and disclosure requirements of the authorities. Therefore, DAC can be particularly useful for financial institutions, trade centers and online lending-platforms to operate business online with max security and transparency.

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Blockchain application

The digital asset certificate is abbreviated as DAC and is an abbreviation of “Digital Assets Certificate” in English. It is the holding certificate for the digitization of financial assets. Based on blockchain technology, it is a decentralized encryption credential.

Different from the complete decentralization of blockchain technology, this is because the financial industry needs to carry out supervision and business signatures among various countries and financial institutions, and carry out transfer authentication of relevant documents, which increases the specific financial business attributes.

Based on the blockchain technology of digital asset vouchers, the underlying data is distributed across the entire network to each node (service access party) and forensic cloud computing network (authentication reward). Effectively avoid data tampering, forgery, malicious attacks and other security threats, and open information query is greatly conducive to supervision and credit evaluation. Another highlight is that storage costs are extremely low.

Digital Assets Certificate