Fog Computing Storage Chain

FSC decentralizes the traditional network by connecting nodes over the chain, securing and optimizing storage distribution and bandwidth.


What is FSC ?

FSC is a public network running on the Internet, which combines the features of Nodes and P2P to achieve faster access to desired channels. A set of multiple parameter algorithms have been developed taking distance, response time and availability and other factors into account. Along with blockchain’s traceability function, FSC can trace back to any time within the database to retrieve data for either viewing or storage. Moreover, FSC’s chain data structure and distributed node consensus algorithms enable data to be securely stored, transmitted and further generated in smart contracts in significant amounts. This would greatly optimize websites, online archives, audio/video resources and particularly functional for VR/AR applications, bringing max performance while extremely cost effective.

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Fog Computing Storage Chain

Technical advantages

FSC is based on blockchain technology, using chained data structures to verify and store data, using distributed node consensus algorithms to generate and update data, using cryptography to ensure data transmission and access security, and utilizing automated script code Smart contract, a new way of distributing infrastructure and computing to program and manipulate data.

The decentralized nature of the blockchain, distributed data storage, security mechanisms, and node-based P2P network architecture enable a new Internet model for decentralized secure storage.

Fog Computing Storage Chain