After 4 months of R&D and 2 months of internal testing, QIEX’s digital asset trading platform officially went public on February 14, 2018. During this period, we only provide transactions in mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and DASH. On May 20th three months after the open beta, QIEX made a list of 10 digital currencies such as BBP, IOC, GRS, PGN, RVN, ARN, LNC, LRC, ADB, and TOKEN. PYLNT was also listed on May 23, DATA on May 25 and IND on May 28.

Increased the number of convertible digital assets on the QIEX trading platform, investors have more choices, and QIEX remains picky and rigorous about the listing of digital assets, investors can visit Find the project-related information for reference. The latest news on these items can be obtained on QIEXINFO (QIEX Information service) and can be viewed quickly on the transaction page of the trading center. This can, to a certain extent, allow more and more asset projects to be updated and operated more openly and transparently.

One of the industry issues that people are very concerned about recently is why they have to pay a very high amount of coin listing fees to digital currency exchanges. At present, there are already some cases where the cost of listing on the Exchange is as high as tens of millions of dollars, which is a huge cost. This may be the majority of the raised funds that many projects acquired during the ICO stage. These funds are used for listing. So what does the project itself rely on for research and development? This is of concern, and at the same time it has caused many projects to focus only on the value of the coin. This is a bubble and it is not true.

As we all know, the listing fee is an important source of revenue for the Exchange. In May, QIEX made a decision to cancel the listing fees for all excellent projects that meet the standards. In fact, QIEX had been trying to do so long ago. And call for practitioners to make projects that change the world.

In the early days of its establishment, we had stipulated that the listing fee for QIEX was not free. The listed fees only include some service fees and management fees (annualized fees). But today we are proud to announce it. QIEX will never directly or indirectly charge for the listing of any item.

In addition, we have to say a project called Biblepay (BBP). According to our understanding, BBP is not profitable. They have used the funds for research on orphan assistance and cancer and other diseases. This is noble and it touched the QIEX team.

QIEX found this. In order to encourage the BBP project and invest more money in the rescue, QIEX decided to participate in BBP’s charitable activities. First of all, QIEX will exempt from half of BBP’s pair transaction fees. When buying BBP, QIEX will exempt the buyer’s handling fee., while QIEX will donate all transaction fees related to BBP, including BTC and USDT. For those who need help, the two sides are conducting joint research and implementation of this major initiative.

Finally, QIEX believes practitioners in the innovation industry must be fair, self-disciplined, and kind. We also appeal to all investors. The important content is what the project does, not just the price!